Get Rid Of The Annoying Windows XP Genuine Validation Notification

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Microsoft has introduced Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), an anti-piracy system for online validation purposes. The online validation process begins when a Windows update takes place or when you try to download any windows components online.

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) notifications can be annoying at times and you might have thought of contacting Windows tech support. It happens due to numerous reasons like a failure to pass the validation test, if your Windows XP operating system is a pirated version or sometimes it can happen when you change the XP product key to a software generated key.  There are also instances where the annoying Windows XP Genuine Validation notification occurs without a particular reason. However, there are a few steps that you can take to avoid getting these annoying notifications.

Measures to stop the notification

  • Navigate to the command prompt window by navigating through Start>Run> type ‘cmd’>Enter.
  • Get access to the System32 directory by entering “CD C:\Windows\System32” and then hitting the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Launch a new notepad by accessing Start>Run>Type “notepad”>Hit “OK”.
  • Copy the below three lines in the black document.
  1. taskkill-IM wgatray.exe (The command should be ‘tskill’ in the place of ‘taskkill’ for Windows Home systems)
  2. del wgatray.exe
  3. del wgalogon.dll

(Make sure that you hit ‘Enter’ after typing or copying each line.)

  • Now, select all the three lines by pressing ‘Ctrl-A’, copy (Ctrl-C) and paste them (Ctrl-V) in the command prompt window. This step is to disable the WGA Notification task. This will also delete the associated files with WGA, which trigger the notification.
  • Reboot your system and check whether the notification is stopped.

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Few things to remember

  • If you want to navigate to System32 manually, make sure that you make Hidden Files and Folders visible in Windows.
  • The above steps to stop the notifications will also disable the automatic updates. You will have to rely on manual updates. You can find a manual update program in the external links, which facilitate the updates irrespective of whether it is a genuine version or a pirated version.
  • By disabling the notifications appearing again, you are not actually validating your Windows XP OS copy. It only stops the timer at the time of your XP log-on, which triggers the notification. If you happen to use a pirated XP version, you will keep getting the critical update notifications.

Hope you have been able to get rid of the annoying WGA notifications. If you are a fresher to using computers, avoid attempting to execute the steps. Contact Windows tech support for further help.