How to keep your Windows XP computer from going into Sleep Mode with Windows XP Help


windows xp help, sleep

Prevention successful

Concerns over energy conservation have prompted the computer industry in implementing an alternative which a lot of you may already be familiar with- the Sleep Mode. And as such, a laptop or a desktop computer will automatically power itself down after a few minutes if it is not being used. Many of you may also be aware of the same Sleep Mode in Windows XP operating system which sometimes is also known as the Standby mode.

Microsoft and the Windows XP help team further explains this power setting by pointing out that it is intended to be the solution to effectively conserving power and in extending battery life for both consumer laptops and desktops.

Now, when the sleep mode is activated, you can see that Windows will turn off the monitor and limit the processes running on your computer. One major benefit that the sleep mode provides is that of reduced amount of time taken while booting up when compared to performing a complete system restart.

However, some users may dislike the sleep mode for personal reasons and may wish to have it disabled. If this is so for you as well, simply follow the steps as given in this article to disable and prevent your Windows XP computer from going into the sleep mode. Let us take a look shall we?

Windows XP Help steps to prevent Sleep Mode on your computer

Given below are the steps to help you prevent your Windows XP computer from entering the sleep mode:

  1. To first begin with, get on your Windows Start menu from the lower left corner of your Windows desktop screen and then click on the Control Panellink.

    windows xp help, sleep

    Prevention successful

  2. Following which, double click on the Power Options icon.
  3. Click on the Power Schemes tab from on top of the resulting power options window.
  4. Next up, click on the dropdown menu under the same Power Schemes tab and choose the option Home/Office Desk.
  5. Select the dropdown menu next to System Standby option and choose the option Never.
  6. Finally click on Apply and then Ok from below the same window.

This successfully completes the Windows XP help instructions and you will find your computer isn’t going into the Sleep mode anymore!