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Windows XP’s end of support is fast approaching and the users and businesses are advised to upgrade their operating system to the latest versions of Windows. After the end of support, the Windows XP machines will be very vulnerable to attacks and this security vulnerability would mean an uptick in the number of compromised Windows XP SP3 PCs and Office 2003 suite in the coming days.

As reported by Technet, when the updates are released, they are usually done across all the Windows platforms, to address the issues globally, as one security patch can affect a number of operating system versions, or different application versions in the same way.

Attackers usually backward engineer the security patch and then search for computers. In this case, Windows XP, that may not have received the patch and then strike. Microsoft usually updates its products and operating systems the second Tuesday of every month. This is referred to as the Patch Tuesday. This means that the last update for the Windows XP OS could be released on March 11, 2014.

Microsoft will be providing updates for the Security Essentials program, but the users will not be able to download the software onto a computer with Windows XP as of April 4, 2104. This was reported in the Microsoft website and was confirmed after contacting Windows tech support. This support will be provided only for the anti-malware signatures and will be provided only for a limited period.

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Microsoft Security Essentials is a free security software that is offered by Microsoft. It will protect your computer against virus, spyware and other malicious programs that can cause damage to your computer. These malicious software programs do not install themselves. They need some interaction from the side of the users to be installed on your computer. The most common way via which the computers are compromised is by opening a link from a phishing email, accepting things without reading and understanding the conditions, opening email attachments that have not been scanned properly, and by installing pirated versions of software programs.

The main problem with enterprises is that many of the legacy applications will run only on the Windows XP OS. This means that they need to update to a new version of Windows and will also have to spend money to update their legacy code. If you wish to know more on the end of support for Windows XP OS, you can contact the Windows tech support team.