How to Block ICMP Ping Requests on Windows XP

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Increasing system security by blocking ICMP Ping requests

Do you want to increase the security of your computer so that no hacker can see the presence of your machine on the internet? There is a way in which you can literally make your computer invisible to the hackers. Interested?

In order to check if a computer is active on a network, the computer uses a special utility called the Ping utility which sends a particular message called Echo Request to the target PC. If the target PC is active on the network, it will respond to the ping request. This Ping is actually an application of the networking protocol called the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). If your PC can ignore the ping requests, you are safer from the reach of hackers. Remember to contact Windows tech support team if in case you get stuck somewhere in between.

Instructions to stop ICMP Ping on Windows XP 

To perform this you need to login as an administrator.

  1. Check if your computer is having Service Pack 2 or later versions installed.
  2. To check this, right-click on My Computer, select Properties. In the System Properties dialog box, under the General tab you can see the Service Pack (SP) version listed. If it’s not, you need to download it from Microsoft’s website.
  3. Now go to Start > Control Panel > Security Center. Open Security Center by double-clicking on it and locate Windows Firewall which you can see at the lower portion of the screen. Click Windows Firewall and if it’s turned off, choose the “On”
    Blocking unsolicited internet traffic

    Ping requests


  4. From the Windows Firewall settings dialog box, click on Advanced tab. Now click the Settings button for the ICMP section. You can see a list of actions. Uncheck the box adjacent to Allow incoming echo request and click OK. Doing this will block your PC from responding to remote ping requests.

As an alternative to using Windows Firewall, or if you don’t have SP version 2 or later, you may consider using a third party internet security software that can block these Ping requests. Usually these software suites come packed with internet firewalls which block all unsolicited incoming internet traffic. And this includes ping requests. And like I said before, Windows tech support team is always a call apart to help you, if in case you happen to get into any trouble. Thank you for spending your time reading this article.