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Doing a system restore will be inevitable when your computer become unusable because of accidental removal of files or due to virus infections. In the past, restoring a computer meant a costly trip to the service center. But these days, many of the manufacturers include a preinstalled recovery partition that allows the users to restore their computer without seeking help from the Windows tech support center.

In the latest versions of the Windows operating system, this function allows you to roll your PC back to a previous configuration. The standard method to initiate the System Restore is from the Start menu. If a change has made your computer so unstable that the Start menu is not shown, you will not be able to use the standard way.

You need not worry as you can access the System Restore function from the Computer icon that is located in the desktop if the Start menu is not available. The steps to restore your computer to a previous state are explained below in this article.


  • Turn on your computer and wait for the boot options to appear on the screen. When the computer boots, tap the F8 or F11 key to enter Advanced Boot Options. This should be launched before the Windows OS launches.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the Repair Your Computer option and then press the Enter key. For some of the computers, the recovery environment will appear automatically and this step will not be required.
  • Log into the PC with the administrator account and then specify the language setting for the computer.

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  • Follow the instructions that are displayed by the PC’s recovery environment to restore the PC back to the original operating condition. If you are trying to restore a laptop computer, you should keep it plugged into the power source while performing the restoration process. The time taken for the restoration to complete depends on the speed of the processor and the size of the hard drive that you use.

These are the steps that need to be done to restore your computer to an old state. Follow these instructions carefully to revert your computer back to an old state without getting any error messages. If you have any doubts or queries regarding these steps, you can contact the Windows tech support team for further assistance. They will be able to help you to complete the steps successfully.