Microsoft Might Release A Surface Mini Tablet With Windows 10 This Year

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We have been hearing rumours about a mini version of Microsoft Surface tablet for many months now. According to Windows tech support forums online, Microsoft was indeed working on such a project last year. But, with the lack of interest for the Microsoft Surface tablets in the market, Microsoft had to put this project in the back burner.

Will Microsoft release a Surface Mini version for Windows 10?

It was clear from the start that for the Microsoft Surface tablet to succeed in the market, it must have a really user-friendly operating system like Google’s Android. Windows 8 OS did not fit this bill and the Microsoft Surface tablets fared poorly in the market as a result. So, Microsoft put off their Surface Mini project until later.

Now, with the Windows 10 starting to look like a very promising OS, the Surface Mini tablet rumours are again making the rounds online. However, Microsoft has not issued any confirmation about this on any of their Windows tech support websites. So, all these are nothing but rumours for the time being.

However, it is clear that Microsoft has moved with caution this time around. They are not likely to forget the millions of dollars they lost because of the unsold Surface tablets in the year 2012. Though recent reports indicate that the Surface tablet sales have increased a little bit, the market is still dominated by Android and iOS tablets.

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On the other hand, Microsoft seems to be focussing on providing very effective software tools and a slew of accessories to lure in the professional users to buy the Surface tablets. Already, they have introduced the MS Office suite of applications as a free OS feature in the Surface tablets. This comes on top of the free OneDrive storage space available to the users. Also, the users can purchase cool accessories like detachable keyboards, digital pens and so on.

The main difference will of course be in the screen size. The Surface Mini tablets are likely to have a screen size between 8 and 10 inches. Of course, the standard Surface tablets versions with 13 to 14 inch screens will also hit the market at the same time.

If Microsoft cannot bring down the price of these tablets to an affordable level, then there is no point in releasing a mini version to compete with the popular Android and iOS tablets in the market.

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Surface Pro Mini To Be Released Mid 2015

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The release date of the Microsoft Surface Pro Mini is not yet confirmed but there are many speculations about the release date. There are no official announcements about the release of the mini tablet from Microsoft and some of the unofficial reports state that the release date will be before the end of this year. Surface Pro Mini is the first tablet from Microsoft that features the latest Windows 10 operating system. The origin of this news is from the Chinese blog UDN. The blog claims that the Surface Mini will be released by the end of the year 2014. This is just unofficial news and Windows tech support desk has not confirmed the release date of the tablet yet.

The latest rumors on the tablet suggest that the device will be featuring the next generation mobile operating system from Microsoft, which is the Windows 10 operating system. It is also rumored that the tablet will be released together with the Surface Pro 4 device. Due to the latest possibilities, International Business Times noted that the Surface Pro Mini will have Windows 10 and that the new tablet will be having a release date that is scheduled for the fall or spring of 2015.

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Some of the tech news channels reported that Windows 10 is in its bug testing stage and the technical preview of the operating system is available to the users who signed up for the Windows Insider program. There were numerous signups for the Windows 10 program even though it is in the bug testing phase. As per the report of Tech Times, Microsoft will be holding an event to launch the Windows 10 consumer preview after CES or the Consumer Electronics Show 2015. It is reported that this event will take place in January 2015.

Surface Mini might be having an 8-inch or 10.1 inch display; the latest tablet from Microsoft, the Surface Pro 3 has a twelve inch display. It is also reported that the tablet will be having an ARM or Qualcomm processor. Some of this information was offered by the Windows tech support team. If you wish to know more details about the Windows 10 tablet from Microsoft, you can contact the Windows help and support team. They will be able to help you know more on the features and the official release date of the latest Microsoft tablet.

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Users Seem To Ignore The Fact That Windows XP Is No More

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Microsoft read the obituary of the thirteen-year-old Windows OS, Windows XP, on April 8, last year. Windows XP users worldwide will have to accept the fact that their systems will no longer be receiving some of the vital Windows tech support, technical assistance, security packages and feature updates from the software giant. This means, Windows XP has no use surviving, because continuing with the OS can prove to be an uphill task for most users since there will be many things they need to deal with.

Though Windows XP is dead, millions of users are still clinging on to the old OS for whatever reason. Using an unsupported system can prove not only dangerous for the OS users, but also to others. This is because XP users are like disease-carrying people. One cough in the public, it can spread to anyone. Internet does not differentiate between OS users. So, a virus, malicious codes or anything thing bad can easily get into the information superhighway. Windows XP was really suffering from a variety of attacks from everywhere even before the end of support. This is mainly because, Windows XP was there and around for so long that hackers or malicious coders have gone through all kinds of holes in the OS.

There might be genuine reasons for people for not migrating to a new OS. Familiarity is one of the most common reasons why so many people still love using Windows XP. When you are so familiar with the OS, you prefer using the OS over other operating systems.

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Another possible reason why people keep using Windows XP is the horrible experience of Windows Vista. Windows Vista actually helped users to stick with Windows XP. That OS was a big flop due to loads of issues with various features in the OS. Windows XP users did not quite find it necessary to switch to other operating systems.

There are some small and medium scale businesses having various business processes dependant on Windows XP. For them, there are very few affordable options but using Windows XP. So they continue with the OS.

Whatever may be the reasons to keep using Windows XP, it is not going to get Windows tech support, security updates and all the other features anymore. So, if you wish to use Windows XP, you will have to guard it always and even stop using internet.

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Unnamed AT&T Customer Sued By Microsoft Over Activating Pirated Windows 7 Copies

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Microsoft has released very few details about what patterns it looks for when determining pirated products. However, after Microsoft has recently filed a lawsuit in a U.S. District court in Seattle, Washington, few clues have come into light on how the IT giant homes in on suspicious pirated activities. Microsoft has revealed that it does not know the true identity of the individual who pirated the operating system. However, the corporate does know that the individual’s Internet service provider is AT&T and operates from the IP address

According to the complaint filed by Microsoft, “A Microsoft product key is a 25-character alphanumeric string generated by Microsoft and provided to customers and OEMs.” During the activation process, the product key as well as other technical information about the device is voluntarily transmitted to the activation servers located in Tukwila, Washington. The Windows tech support team can be contacted if you wish to seek the latest information about the same.

Microsoft has several different ways of activating its Windows operating system. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) distribution channels have two separate wings, Commercial OEM channel (COEM) and the Direct OEM channel (DOEM). Microsoft detailed in the lawsuit that COEMs make use of “individual product keys to install and activate software” to activate Windows OS in PC. In contrast, DOEMs use “either a master key to install Windows software (as in the case with Windows 7) or a separate file generated from Microsoft to install and activate Windows software (as in the case with Windows 8) for each device.”

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With an objective to combat wide-spread piracy, Microsoft launched Microsoft Cyber Center. The wing uses cyberforensive methods to recognize pirated Operating System by analyzing the “product key activation data voluntarily provided by users when they active Microsoft software, including the IP address from which a given product key is activated.” However the use of the term voluntarily has provoked ire since the users have to mandatorily provide the product key to establish the operating system as genuine.

Further detailing about Microsoft’s cyberforensic methods, the company mentioned that it analyzes billions of activations of Microsoft’s software and checks the generated patterns of identity activation, identifying the IP addresses that are associated with pirated activations. However, Microsoft has not detailed the number of pirated copies of Windows 7 and Office 2010 the accused has circulated. If you want to know more about Microsoft’s activation process and wish to know if your copy is genuine, you can contact the Windows tech support team.

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Changing The Active Partitions In Windows 7

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We are used to partitioning our hard disk into two, one for the system files, of course the C drive and one for all other files. In this way, a partitioned hard disk will act like many different devices. If you can increase the number of partitions, then you will be able to have many drives to store your files. There is not much advantage in doing this, as if the hard disk crashes, all the data will be lost. The best part of having many partitions in your hard drive is that you will be able to store data without altering the data that is stored in other partitions of the hard drive.

If you are planning to install more than one operating system on your computer, then having more than two partitions will help you much. This will allow you to install and use different platforms on the same computer or laptop. The active partition of the computer is the one that is used by BIOS at startup to boot the OS. If your PC is having more than one bootable partition, you will be able to change the active partition and remove existing active partitions. This will help you remove all the contents of the partition and will free up the space on the hard drive.

The Windows tech support tips that are shared below will help you to know on the steps to remove the active partition in Windows 7 operating system.

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  • Turn on your Windows 7 computer, click on the Start button, type in Computer Management, and press the Enter key. From the search results, select Disk Management.
  • Now you will need to right click on the partition that is needed to boot the computer and then select Mark Partition as Active. Doing this will remove the active designation from the currently active partition. This partition will now be set as the bootable device. Do not set a partition as active if it does not contain any bootable software like OS or repair utilities. Keep in mind that if you make a non-bootable partition as the active one, the computer will fail to start.

These are the steps to change the active partition in Windows 7 operating system. Take care to perform these steps carefully so that you do not end up making your computer useless! For further assistance, you can contact our Windows tech support team.

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