Windows Tablet Sales Up; However, IOS And Android Dominant

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IDC says that the future years will witness the growth of Windows tablets but this growth will not topple the sales of Apple IOS and Google Android running tablets. By the year 2017, IDC says that Windows tablets will gobble up a market share in the range of 10.2 percent. According to reports, however, IOS and Android tablets will witness a slump in the tablet market share.

The proposed market share

It is estimated that 58.8% market share will be taken up by Android tablets and around 60.8% market share was predicted for this year. By the year 2017, 30.6% population of tablets in the market will be Apple IOS running tablets and this is in comparison to the 35% mark that is seen in the present year.

Problems for Windows

Microsoft thought that Windows 8 would have had a better and more optimistic welcome and success. A single design for the OS was incorporated for tablets as well as desktops; this is what Mainelli says. Mainelli added, “Microsoft still believes people want a tablet with the power of a PC”. Customers are still confused regarding Windows operating systems that run on the ARM processors, the stripped version of Windows by the name Windows RT or the general Windows 8 dedicated for x86 processors.

Small collection of Apps

In addition, another worry for Microsoft is the collection of apps for Windows 8. Unified app development is thoroughly exercised by Microsoft for laptops and tablets; however, this effort has been barricaded due to varying screen sizes seen on the different devices.

tablet market share

Windows 8

Device designs are not quite spectacular and Microsoft requires just a single tablet being an overwhelming hit for its Windows OS to turn out to be a grand success. Windows tablets are offered by many market players like Dell, HP, Acer and Toshiba.

Microsoft is trying to use the magic wand and implement the so-called “2-in-1″ devices that offer the functionality and features of both laptops and tablets. The “2-in-1″ devices are very useful for customers and may ultimately lead to the success of Windows OS.

Users may avail services of Windows tech support if they need help with Windows tablet issues. Bugs or startup issues with Windows tablets may be seen and to rectify them and make the Windows tablets function properly, users need to contact Windows tech support.

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Steps To Install ActiveX On A Windows Mobile PDA

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Windows Tech Updates

ActiveX, developed by Microsoft, is well known and widely used as a software framework. Some of the known functions of ActiveX include allowing animation or helping in installing security updates. According to Windows tech support technicians, these programs perform functions within the Internet Explorer browser environment.

Now, due to the fact that malware or malicious content can be easily passed using ActiveX components, these controls are disabled on the Windows Mobile operating system as a default option. However, if you would like to run it, you would require installing and running the ActiveX control on your system. If you would like to install ActiveX on a Windows mobile PDA, you can use the following instructions provided by the Windows tech support technicians.

Enabling ActiveX controls on Windows Mobile Internet Explorer:

  • First, launch Internet Explorer on the Windows Mobile PDA and click on the Tools menu. Now, click on Internet Options, followed by Security option.
  • Next, you need to click on the Custom Level option and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here, click on Enable for the ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins option and then close the Settings windows.
  • Hence, ActiveX controls would be now enabled on Internet Explorer.

Installing ActiveX control

  • Once you have enabled the program, launch an Internet browser and try downloading the ActiveX control. Once downloaded, you can save the file to the PC desktop.
  • Now, you need to connect the PDA to the computer and sync the device. For this, you can connect the device to the computer via Bluetooth or using a USB drive.

    USB Drive

    Windows Tech Issues

  • In the next step, you need to double-click the executable (EXE) file for the ActiveX control installation while the PDA device is connected to the computer. Here, you would see that the installation routine would start and questions would pop up regarding continuing the installation, both on the PC and the PDA.
  • To continue installing it on both the computer and PDA, you need to click on OK and wait for the process to get finished.
  • Once installed, you can open Internet Explorer on the PDA and navigate to the site, which asked for the ActiveX download.

By following these steps you would be able to successfully install ActiveX on a Windows Mobile PDA. For more assistance, please contact our technical support team.

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Experts Warn That Windows XP Would Become A Hackers Paradise

Windows tech support

tech support for Windows XP

The most versatile operating system that Microsoft has ever produced is Windows XP and it is most widely used operating system from Microsoft after Windows 7. Because of its user-friendly characteristics and its features, it is still employed in many schools, colleges, hospitals and other firms. However, Microsoft is going to end the support given to this old operating system. This End of Support of Windows XP is what the hackers are waiting for, since they can easily access your system because of the lack of security.

The tech giant Microsoft is going to withdraw the Windows tech support given to the Windows XP operating system on April 8th, 2014. After the end of support date, the tech giant will no longer release the security patches and updates needed for the effective functioning of your system. This will make your Windows XP system more prone to security issues and this can finally affect the efficiency of your computer. However, the tech support will continue for other operating systems of Microsoft like Windows 7 and Windows 8.

According to NetMarketShare, nearly 31.2 percent of people still use Windows XP operating system. This large market share is because of the employment of XP computers in large and medium business field. Even many of the bank ATMs is running on this operating system. Therefore, the EOS will be a major concern for everyone and there is a greater chance of losing your data.

Windows 8 OS

support for Windows XP

Tim Rains, the director of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group told PCPro that, “The very first month that Microsoft releases security updates for supported versions of Windows, attackers will reverse-engineer those updates, find the vulnerabilities and test Windows XP to see if it shares [them]. Since a security update will never become available for Windows XP to address these vulnerabilities, Windows XP will essentially have a zero-day vulnerability forever.”

With the end of support approaching, Microsoft wants the existing users of Windows XP operating system to upgrade their system to the latest Windows operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The tech giant also suggests that most of the computers are not compatible with Windows 8 OS and therefore, it is best to upgrade your OS to Windows 7. To know more regarding this, contact the Windows tech support team online.

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Get To Know About The Various Windows 7 Tech Support Options

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Windows Updates

Windows 7 is regarded as the most flawless operating system among existing versions of the Windows OS. The best part about using Windows 7 is that it comprises of several advanced features that are easier to use. Now, if you encounter any issues in your Windows 7 computer, you can always seek assistance from the Windows tech support team. Here, let us check some of the useful tech support options Windows 7 offers to its users.

Online support:

  • The best recommended option to avail Windows 7 tech support is by seeking online help. Once users check the free Microsoft Answers site, they would get answers to all the common Windows problems.
  • All that requires is to post the queries and issues on the site, and other users along with Microsoft staff members would provide answers.
  • You can enter your query in the Search box and check for the availability of the answers. If you don’t find a suitable fix here, you can resort to other options.

Other advanced options

  • Some of the tech support options provided by Microsoft are free, while others are fee-based. Once you are on the website, you would see a wizard with drop-down menus wherein you can enter the nature of your problem, along with the details.
  • Once you enter the required details including the product ID, the wizard would check if a suitable fix exists for your issue. If it does, you would be directed to a page that lists your support options and any fees that may exist for the options.

Unsupported products

  • In some cases if the Windows 7 came pre-installed in your PC, you would get a message from the Microsoft’s support wizard asking you to contact your computer’s manufacturer.

    Drop-Down Menus

    Windows Issues

  • If you are looking to contact the computer manufacturer, you would require checking your computer’s documentation for a contact number or email address, which would help you to get in touch with the company. Once you contact the firm, you can go ahead and explain the issue you are currently experiencing in your Windows 7 computer.
  • In some cases, the computer manufacturer’s website may also comprise of several options that may assist you in troubleshooting and fixing technical issues.

These are some of the useful technical support options that Windows 7 offers you. To get more information on the features of this OS, feel free to contact our Windows tech support team.

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Know The Features Of Dell Latitude 14 7000 Laptop

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Laptop Issues

Dell, one of the world’s largest laptop manufacturers recently launched a new version of laptop by the name Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series. There have been several speculations about the launch of this excellent laptop, for a long time now. According to the Dell laptop support, the laptop comprises of many user-friendly yet sophisticated features. These include a very good screen, easy connectivity options, comfy keyboard and much more. Thus, it can be said that with this launch, Dell is all set to provide stiff competition to its counterparts in the field.

Some of the key features of the latest Dell Latitude 14 7000 include:

  • The new laptop has been designed exclusively for the business class. The slim and sleek body that weighs much less than most other corporate laptops accentuates this fact. Although it has a small size of 21 mm thickness and weighs around 1.63 kg, the power it packs is large. It is designed using a tri-metal framework, with soft-touch material and aluminum on the outside.
  • As far as the interiors are concerned, a silver lid is present and makes it look dark. Speaking about the base and bazel, they are secured with powder-coated aluminum. Adding to it, the clean line and curves make the device extremely classy.
  • According to the Dell laptop support, there are 3 ports for USB and a Mini DisplayPort, with gigabit Ethernet and HDMI connections that ensure easy connectivity. The laptop also includes a smart card, SDHC and fingerprint readers.
  • Dell has introduced some additional features such as a trackpoint, a docking station and keyboard drainage hole in the Dell Latitude 14 7000, which is not common in the case of laptops. There also exists a physical Wi-Fi switch and screen tilting features that have been introduced for the first time in a laptop, according to the Dell laptop support. But then although it is made using fine Corning Gorilla Glass, the laptop lacks a touchscreen, which can be considered as a negative aspect for some users.


    Laptop Versions

  • This Dell Latitude 14 7000 has a Haswell-based Core i7 processor, wherein the Turbo Boost feature has a base speed of moving from 2.1 GHz to 3.3 GHz with a Turbo Boost feature.
  • The best aspect of this laptop is the amazingly comfy keyboard with concave keys, rigid base and consistent action. Another user-friendly feature is that the boot time of the Dell Latitude 14 7000 is just 14 seconds. Dell also provides a three year warranty period to the users.

These are some of the key features of the latest Dell Latitude 14 7000 laptops. To get information on the specifications, you can also contact our technical support team.

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