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Steps To Add SkyDrive To Windows 7 Explorer

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Around fifty percent of computer users around the world run their computers using Windows 7 operating system. With this, developers cannot avoid this operating system and each application developed should be capable of running in Windows 7 for its success. One of the applications, which is fast becoming popular among the users worldwide is the SkyDrive. This online storage service from Microsoft allows you to upload files from the computer to your account. SkyDrive allows you to upload files up to a size limit of 25 GB free. You can choose from a range of paid services if you require additional storage space. By logging into the online account, you can access the stored files from any location in the world. In this post, we will find out how to access these uploaded files from Windows 7 Explorer.

In this technique, you need to mount the SkyDrive as a network drive and then obtain the specific URL. You may choose a SkyDrive alternative, which will easily integrate with Explorer. However, if you use Microsoft’s service, you can integrate to the Windows Live account. Let us first find out the requirements for this process. According to Windows tech support, the essential requirements include a PC that has Windows 7 installed in it, an active internet connection, a Windows Live account, SkyDrive Simple Viewer for WebDav.

Once you are ready with the above requirements, follow the steps below.

  • The first step is to acquire a SkyDrive ID. For this, you may run the SkyDrive Simple Viewer for WebDav. Then type the Windows Live credentials in it.

    Operating System

                    Windows Storage Services

  • With the above steps, you can view different folders in the SkyDrive. Choose the folder, which you wish to mount on the hard drive. Choose the URL and then use the keys Ctrl and C to copy it.
  • Open the Start menu. You can find the option My Computer in the right pane of the Start menu. Right click it and choose the option Map Network Drive. Use the keys Ctrl and V to paste the URL in the field. Change the settings as per your requirements.
  • Select the button Next and wait for the process to complete.

With the above steps, you can find the SkyDrive folder in the Windows 7 Explorer. You may use this drive just like other directories. For further help on this issue, you may contact Windows tech support or our technical support team for assistance.

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Beware Of Windows Tech Support Scams

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Recently, many Windows users have been receiving calls from some scam artists claiming to be calling from the Windows tech support center. The scam artists call unsuspecting Windows users and tell them that their computer running on Windows operating system is suffering from virus attacks. The bewildered customer will now ask how they can fix the issues. The so-called support executives will now ask you to grant them access to your system so that they may get information stored in the system. Their main motive is phishing; they are trying to use your naivety to get access to your system, and then your credit card information through it.

There are many types of these scams and one of the common ways in which they try to fool you is by calling you and saying that they get notification about the issues with your system and Microsoft has asked their firms to fix the issue. The scam agents are well trained and target the not so tech savvy users. They might show some minor issues with your system and may even talk about some non-harmful files in your system folder. If these files are shown to a non-tech savvy user, they usually fall in the trap.

After showing the error to the users, the scam agents will now ask the users to grant them remote access. On getting remote access, the agents would now ask your permission to install some standard repair program and would ask you if you would like to proceed with the repair that they could finish it for you. However, at the last moment, they will shift to a sales person and would say that you would require paying for the services they have offered.

Repair Program

Get Windows Tech Support

The problem with giving them remote access is that they could easily take a copy of the data stored in the system. The scammers could easily take away all your valuable data. This data may sometimes include your credit card information too. The best thing to do when you get such a call is to tell them that you are not interested in their services. As of now, Microsoft is not providing support to their customers unless asked for, so beware of the scam calls you receive.

Even if the scammers claim that they are from Windows tech support, never give them remote access or your personal details, as these could lead to loss of data and money.

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Expand Xbox 360 Features By Networking It With Vista

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Despite the launch of Xbox One, Xbox 360 is still used by a large number of users across the world. Obviously, you can’t compare Xbox 360 with the latest Xbox One because the former came almost 9 years ago. If you think that your Xbox 360 console lacks features, there is an effective way to improve some of its features.  Network your console with your PC. Windows Vista is the ideal operating system to network your Xbox 360 console with because both came almost at the same time.

According to Windows Vista help centre, networking an Xbox 360 console with a Vista PC increases the use of the console. Once they are networked together, it is possible for you to stream media from your PC to the Windows Media Centre on the console. Resultantly, you can watch ripped DVD collections from the PC, internet TV stations and the sorts on the bigger LED television screen you have at home. The instructions on how to network your Xbox 360 console with Windows Vista are given below. If necessary, you can contact the Windows Vista help centre for the same.


  • Make sure that you have an Ethernet cable to establish connection between the console and the PC. If your PC is equipped with Wi-Fi ability, you can use this option to network the PC with the console.
  • After the connection is established, turn on both the PC and the console.
  • On the console, navigate to the My Xbox menu and choose Windows Media Centre from the options.
  • Retrieve the ID number of the console by following the setup wizard. You will also need to gather an activation code from the console. You will have to provide this code in your PC setup wizard in order to authenticate the networking with the console.

    Xbox One

                        Windows Vista OS

  • Make sure that you read every on-screen direction displayed on the console carefully and work accordingly until the setup wizard vanishes.
  • Now, it is time to authenticate networking in the PC. Launch Windows Media Centre on your PC.
  • Select Tasks followed by Add Extender.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts carefully to complete the authentication. Once your PC is authenticated, Windows Media Centre will launch automatically on your console and you are ready to use it.

You must have successfully networked your Windows Vista PC with Xbox 360 console. You can contact Windows Vista help centre in case of any unexpected errors during the setup process.

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Fixing Sleep Mode Issues With Windows XP

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The Sleep Mode is a low power mode that you can set your computer to when you are not using it and it would resume you back to work later. When Windows XP is in hibernation, the battery usage is very low. This lets you conserve energy by saving power. However, there are certain issues with the Windows XP sleep mode for which you might need to avail Windows tech support.

There are a number of issues with the sleep mode. Even when you press the keys on the keyboard or move the mouse, you would not find any response. You might find the computer not waking up from the sleep mode, which is evident that there are some issues with the Sleep mode. Here are some instructions with which you can troubleshoot the issue.


  • Click on the Start button, which is available on the desktop at the lower left corner.
  • From the Start menu, select the option Control Panel. From which you need to double click on the Power Options and then click on the Hibernate tab.
  • You would find a check box next to Enable Hibernation; Check this box, hit on Apply, and then select Ok. This is supposed to get the issue resolved, but even after that, if the issues persist, you need to move to the next troubleshooting step.
  • Close the window and go to the desktop. Right Click on the empty space on the desktop and select the option Properties. This will open the Windows Display Properties, click on the tab that says Settings. You need to make sure that the subheading Display says Plug and Play Monitor, in case it does not go to the next step.


        Microsoft Tech Support

  • Click on the Start button and click on the Run option from the menu. Type in the space provided ‘Devmgmt.Msc’, this would lead you to the Device Management window when you hit on the Enter key.
  • From the list, find out Monitors and click on the small plus sign to expand. Before that, check if there is an exclamation mark. Hence, you would need to Right Click on the option Plug and Play Monitor and then select Update Driver.
  • In case the exclamation mark is on the option Monitor under Plug and Play Monitor, do the same. Click on Yes when prompted. This will update the display drivers on the computer.

These are the basic Windows tech support guidelines to fix the sleep mode issues in Windows XP.

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